Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angel baby

 I really do feel like Ty is such an angel. I love him so much and enjoy every minute of being a mommy. I love to give little man baths and watch him kick his feet and splash water all over me. I love taking him to the store...he smiles and giggles at everyone who looks at him. Or by the time we get five minutes into shopping he is zonked out snoring so loud that the people on opposite aisles can hear him! I love rocking him to sleep...watching his eyes get droopier and droopier fighting it as long as he can tell eventually he can't keep them open any longer. I love watching him roll across the room and trying so hard to army crawl to whatever he has his eyes on....seriously not giving up tell he reaches it. I love watching him discover new the grass, how interested he can be in it. I love how I can't give him any toys, because he looses interest in two minutes but if I give him a kitchen appliance (big cooking spoon, measuring cups, big plastic drinking cups) he will be entertained for thirty minutes. Most of all I LOVE Ty's smile. It melts my heart every day...and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be his mommy. 
 I even love my little angel when he makes not so little messes. I seriously change Ty's bum so often I think we go through a big box of diapers a week..The diapers we are using don't do the trick. He really goes potty a lot during the night, and because he sleeps clear through the night (10pm to 9am) this can make for a lot of pee. When he wakes up in the morning he is usually wet and sticky. Resulting in a bath everyday...and often times poop blow outs during the day. This particular incident in the picture the poop didn't even get on the onesie or jumper...seriously seeping right down the leg.  SO maybe I wont cheap out and get him more expensive diapers that will equal probably the amount I'm spending now...hopefully not having to change him so often or clean up poop off my kitchen floor. 

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