Thursday, August 16, 2012

my mini watermelon

 I'm having two main loves today.
My kiddos...
Ty can't get enough of his blocks!
I find them EVERYWHERE:) 

He is getting so creative with them.
..and is always so proud of his work.

He makes sure I see everything before he 
starts something new.

LOVE him


 *Went to the doctor for my 39 weeks appointment.
Ember is now the size of a mini watermelon!
  *Got scheduled to induce one day before my due date.
 -That's one week from today...AUGUST 23
 ahhh, so exciting!!

LOVE her


Happy about:
 -The fact that I hit 39 weeks on Friday!

-I got the MOST AWESOME birthday presents.

 Jays hooked it up with the NIKON D3100 kit.

-Mom and Dad got me an I pod touch.

-Vance and Eileen got me a BEAUTIFUL 
huge set of scriptures.

Searching for: 
Time. I feel like I can't get ready, Ty ready
the crafts I want to do and clean the house all in one day.

Freezer meals this weekend!!
Like I am about ready to pop...O wait I am.
but if one more person tells me 
"You look like your about to pop" 
I'll either start bawling or punch them in the face.
Most likely start bawling...It's not a nice thing to say.

 To get a prenatal massage on Friday.
YUP, I'm excited!

Harvesting Kale