Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Valentine Cards

O dear its the 7th and I am just starting to think about Valentines.
I wanted to send the kids grandparents some love so I thought this idea was fun.
I was inspred by this post here by the lovely delia creates.

We had to skip family night last Monday so we will be doing it tonight. Adding some other fun things to these cute cards and sending them off tomorrow:)

 Ty is posing in front of the wall with hearts taped all over the place. I took 32 pictures to get ONE that kinda works.

Ember on the other hand is my cheese ball....I got about 15 great ones of her with a cheese ball grin...!! This was my favorite because it looks so sweet and loveable. 

She is laying on a white bed sheet with hearts placed around her.
Both pictures I edited in PicMonkey and used the Tranquil option to get this look. 

Hope you have a Happy Valentines.