Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 well actually currently we are up to so much fun. I absolutely love this time of year. If you follow my instagram @ashleywhetman then you know we are makin all sorts of Christmas crafts and presents. 
Yesterday was rough. All in one day Ty didn't take a nap, had pulled our Christmas tree over-resulting in almost ALL the ornimants to fall off...pulled down my curtains, spilled a gallon of milk and ruined one of the Christmas projects I had been working on. 

A little rough...but after everthing he did its to hard to get mad at that face.
I find myself SO MAD to where I don't know how to handle it. Then he looks at me with his sweet 
-im so sorry mommy face-
and my heart melts. 

We made salt dough ornaments. and o boy did Ty LOVE it. After we were done he played with the left over dough for a good hour. I gave him some cookie cutters and a spatula and he was having so much fun....!!! I cant wait to hang them up and get to look at how cute they are on our tree.

Getting to spend so much time together. I took a small blog break and really regathered some thoughts on why I do it and why it makes me happy.

Were also loving 

Our tree
gingerbread candles 
hot chocolate 
footie pajamas