Sunday, January 1, 2012

MMM...did you have a Merry Christmas and a happy HEALTHY new year??


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Two weeks ago we asked you to just have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year... Well did you??
I hope so. We sure did!!!

Jayson Ty and I spent some time with his family here in Cedar City. Had delicious Mexican food for dinner then Santa came to visit. You can go HERE to see our Christmas with the Whetmans.
The Friday before Christmas we went down to my families house in Logandale and spent a couple days there. I have yet to post those pictures and stories yet. I didn't bring my camera so I am still in the process of getting all the pictures from my mom!! Her camera is the bomb!!! Takes way better photos then mine...So I don't mind the wait!!! It will be worth it! 

I honestly did OK, NOT GREAT but NOT TERRIBLE at eating healthy over the whole holiday season! Christmas dinner was GREAT...I loaded my plate with salad and had small portions of the other yummy things I wanted and resisted the temptation to return for seconds..leaving room for a small dessert!:)
However Christmas morning it is tradition at the Hardy house (Grandpa and Grandma Hardy) to have a BIG FAMILY breakfast. 
Here is where I didn't do as well... I had three pancake and a big serving of hash browns...two eggs....and two pieces of sausage....Christmas morning has been my own tradition to eat sausage for the first time and last all year...It's so awful for you I can honestly never bring myself to eat it any other day! 
 I also resisted the temptation to eat the stocking chocolate Santa left me...but had no problem eating up the delicious HUGE bag of oranges he left just for me!!! 

New years was also good! We were at the Whetmans again and ate subway for dinner that I totally don't feel bad at all about!!!!!
With a little pie for dessert!:) :)

So I am happy to report over the holiday season I didn't gain any weight!! I was positive I would have maybe gained a few extra lbs..but I did good! 

Exercise....hmmm well I have not done any weigh lifting this last two weeks...SO I haven't been drinking my protein shake. I defiantly feel like I have lost some of my muscle mass. However I did do my work out videos at home. :) Did the Jullian 6 week 6pack, Jullian Yoga body melt down and the 5mile fat burning work out! They are all fabulous and recommend them to anyone.

That was my healthy holiday. I give myself a B :) 

NEXT WEEK: I really want you to think about some new year resolutions.  Make some realistic goals for yourself to reach in 2012. Also not only how to reach them but how you are planning on maintaining them... You can lose ten lbs. but can you keep it off all year??? I would love for you to share anything but please throw in there some health related resolutions!!! 

I sure love you ladies and hope you are doing fantastic:)
Email me if you have any questions or ideas for challenges!! 

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