Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ember is ONE

I made two cakes for Ember. One (this one) was her smash cake! I can't wait to post pictures. Soon. My sweet friend Jenna took them for us.

Lots and lots of presents. 

She got stuff from everyone! I made her the little pillow dolls you see in the pictures. It is fun to see more girl toys around the house. Dolls, princesses and! Poor thing was playing with blocks and cars before.

Lucky girl had Grandma come out just for her birthday! Pretty special. Love you mom...xoxo

...and Ty had a hard time letting her have all the attention! So he helped her open the gifts and tried on her hat.

This was the cake she blew out the candles on and we all ate.

She wasn't super into it.

We love you baby girl!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!