Monday, August 12, 2013

My birthday

A few months ago before we moved out to Colorado I knew we would be celebrating my birthday here. With no other family I wanted to do something with all of us and something we all could enjoy. I told Jayson I wanted him to take us to the ZOO! Well he did one better and got us year passes to go. With it being only a few miles from our home we thought it would be a great way to get out of the house and for the kids to have fun as well. 

Mom surprised me with an edible arrangement. I die. So good. Not only that but some chocolate covered fruit. It didn't last long. The only person who liked it more than me was Ty. I have to say the chocolate covered bananas were for sure my favorite. I also got the perfect gift from my sisters. Four individual pictures with their hands signing LOVE. They are in small frames hanging on my fridge. I wish I would have taken a picture. When I do a home tour in the kitchen I will for sure point it out! Also some movies from my mama. One of my all time favorites Alice in Wonderland. Yay, its funny because I also got Ember the book her her birthday in a few weeks! O and Grease. Pretty sure I could watch that all day. Some sweet care package items for me and the kids and lots of love from mom and dad. Vance and Eileen and Grandmas and Grandpas sent some money!! Totally going towards something I already have in mind. Or maybe bills....I don't know yet. 

The best part of my birthday was waking up to some sweetness right in my home. Jayson isnt one for artsy or decorative things but he did make me a sweet sign and hung it on the microwave. Also spelling out Happy Birthday with the kids magnets on the fridge. After church we made dinner and relaxed. He gave me his gift that I was so excited for because I was pretty sure I knew what it was!! I DID:) Pride and Prejudice. I watched it for the first time not long ago and cried and cried. I could not stop talking about how much I loved it. I went out and got the book but was dying for the movie. I was hoping he picked up on my not so subtle hints. He did. 

Getting lots of snuggles and kisses,warm wishes from friends and family that made it wonderful! 25 should be an amazing year.