Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #24


Hey all I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 
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here are some of my favorites from last week!!!

-Christmas Spirit


-YUMMY Things

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Monday, November 28, 2011

MMM...how was your turkey day??


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-Last week I challenged you to be good this Thanksgiving....To eat healthy and to get lots of exercise to make up for any extra calories you took on.

You may have noticed the lack of a Thanksgiving post...I totally pulled my back out Tuesday and couldn't move all week. I was so druged up on pain pills and when I wasn't I was such a grouchy pants...that I didn't take ANY PICTURES... NOT ONE.  I feel so bad. I did do well not eating a ton. I stuck to my game plan and was strong!!! However with my back being in so much pain I was not able to get exercise in like I would have liked to. I have not done any form of physical activity since last Monday... AHHH I know..I feel like crap, a big worthless slob. It's awful. My back is feeling better and I plan on getting back in the gym tomorrow morning 5:00am...I have some serious making up to do! 

Last week I posted at Southern Lovely on how to stay healthy during the holiday season. I will share here too!!


1. EAT breakfast
 You may think you are saving up calories for the big dinner, however eating a small meal will give you more control over your appetite. Start the day with a small satisfying breakfast.

-eggs with whole wheat toast
-yogart and granola
-whole-grain cereal with low fat milk.

 This way when it comes time for dinner you will not be starving, resulting in a binge like attitude.

2. Planning the meals
 If you are hosting or just bringing a few dishes you can use lighter ingredients. Focus on less fat, sugars and calories.  

-use sugar substitutes
-try fat free chicken broth
-rather than adding oil in baked goods try using fruit purees
-try plain yogurt or fat-free sour cream in casseroles, creamy dips and mashed potatoes.
-reduce butters and oils wherever possible 

 3. Pick and chose
Thanksgiving/Christmas comes around once a year. It is not practical on skipping your favorites you only see on this special day, however it is practical on skipping things you see all year round. Seriously don't even bother with...

-ice cream
4. Check it out
BEFORE even filling your plate scope out what is there. Pick the things you are just dying to have and take reasonable portions.

 5. Skip the Seconds.
Try to resist the temptation to go back for second helpings. Leftovers are much better the next day. If you limit yourself to one plate then you are less likely to overeat and have more room for dessert.

Choose the Best Bets on the Buffet. Keep in mind that some holiday foods are better choices than others.

-White turkey meat
-plain vegetables
-roasted sweet potatoes
-mashed potatoes
-defatted gravy
-pumpkin pie

Tend to be the best bets because they are lower in fat and calories.

7. Take your time  
Eat slowly. Put your fork down between bites, chew, visit with family. Remember it's not a race to see who can eat the most. Also keep in mind its not attractive to lay on the couch with your pants unbuttoned after dinner.

-Choosing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, salads, and other foods with lots of water and fiber that will add to the feeling of fullness. 

8.Get Active 
Make fitness a family priority. Start a new tradition...Rather than plopping on the couch with your pants unbuttoned...

-Take a walk early in the day and then again after dinner. After dinner during your walk talk and visit with family.
9.Focus on Family and Friends
I know when you think of Thanksgiving/Christmas one thing that pops into your head is food. At least it does mine, however you should be focusing on family and friends.

10. What to do AFTER 
Sigh of relief, You did good during the big dinner. However now is still important. You went off the diet a little(totally ok). Remember I said it's not practical to skip everything that comes around once a year. 

Get back into gear, going off your diet and feeling bloated is bound to make you lose motivation. The VERY NEXT morning do your workout routine. Go to the gym, do a at-home workout video, take a jog outside. Whatever you're comfortable with DO IT! 

If you hosted or you're the poor collage student in the family so the leftovers are all given to you (me) hehe...  enjoy them the next day but in moderation. Make a healthy soup using turkey/ham or cut it up and eat it on top of a salad with healthy dressing.


DON'T PUNISH YOURSELF. If you didn't do anything I recommended, if you ate WAY TO MUCH, didn't walk and feel like CRAP...DO NOT hate yourself, this will only cause you to sink into a depressed state. Just get your bootie in gear. Like I said do whatever you are comfortable with to burn those calories. You are only human. Love yourself, because yourself is beautiful!

-If you want to check it out on Southern Lovely go HERE...

I also found a few fun Holiday ideas that are healthy you may like to try....(I know I will)


-I hope this week goes better for me! I cant wait to hear how yours went!!:) 
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

little man stuff

-I shared this at J&Ms eye candy
but also wanted to share it here and let you know these
little boy onesies will be up for grabs at their black friday 
giveaway event! 

LITTLE MAN ties and spenders

Lets Start

You will need:
Scrap fabric
Sewing machine 
coordinating thread
scissors or slicer
liquid stitch

On projects that require so little fabric I cringe 
thinking of going to the store to buy new stuff...
I like to save my money and bust out the scraps...and if you have been sewing long that collection tends to add up fast.

Find a pattern you like online or make your own.
I cut out about five different sizes before I found the
big/chubby tie size I was looking for.
Pin that sucker good. ALSO REMEMBER to look at
how your fabric is laid out.
See here I am using stripes, but I want the
top of the Tie to have curved lines and the bottom
to be horizontal.

To cut it use what you are comfortable with. I like the slicer because I feel like my lines are
much smoother and cleaner (no frayed edges) where as 
the scissors are messy.
But if you have a steady hand then the scissors will do fine!

I like to use the liquid stitch to keep the tie nice and tight to the onesie before I sew it on.
Also when you are done it gives the tie a thicker feel.

Seriously try it...I bet you will love it!!

Squeeze it on to your material but be sure to spread it out evenly. You don't want it to look bubbly.

Once you spread the liquid stitch place the tie on the onesie where you want to sew it...
I like to press it after with heat.

Now that it has the liquid stitch it doesn't move
around while you are trying to sew it on. 
You can do a straight stitch or a zigzag either is cute!!

Sew your tie all the way around and...
VWALA the tie part is DONE!

Cut your material 3inches wide by 30inches long.
It will be for the front and back of the spenders!
-also this is for a 12month onesie, if you are doing anything smaller you may want to modify your measurements.
Fold it an half and press it with heat to get a nice crisp seam.

Take your sewing machine and make a quarter inch
seam all the way down.

Flip your material using a stuffing stick so it is right side out then press again with your iron.

Pin it in place on the onesie. I pinned the
front first, sewed it on... 
then pinned the back and sewed it on. 
-this way the back pins are not in your way when sewing the front.

When you sew it on the onesie gets kind of crazy under the machine, I just learned to take it slow and if you pin it really good you will be fine.
-you could also use the liquid stitch here as well

Sew on the front, stop at the shoulders... Then cross the back material so it looks like spenders... Pin it(or liquid stitch) and sew it on just like the front and you are done!!!

I hope you like them!!!

remember go here to enter!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


linkin up with The Vintage Apple for O-how pinteresting Wednesday!

-Today I woke up to rain! I loved it:) It wasn't one of those draggy/gloomy rainy days....It smelled so good and was so pretty..I felt inspired to find some rain pins. I hope you enjoy them! 
1 2 3 4

Love ya


What he wore

I love the "what I wore" posts I see everywhere!! They are so fun! BUT I have a problem I HAVE NO FASHION SENSE(usually sport the jeans and a T)...Nothing special I would like to share...Maybe someday I will branch out and show you a few fun things in my closet, for now I will show you my adorable baby!!!
I love Ty so much it hurts. 
With his new hair cut and the tie onesies I made him HE MELTS MY HEART!
Shirt: walmart with the tie by me, Pants: hand-me-down (So I don't know) Shoes: Payless

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #23

Hello lovelies! I hope you HAVE a wonderful Thanksgiving week. :) 
I am thankful for all of you and your friendship!! 
Thanks for being here and for your sweet comments:)

here are some of my favorites from last week!

-beautiful spaces

-yummy stuff

-Thanksgiving Inspiration

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Monday, November 21, 2011



Hey there! 
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This week was BAD for me. I didn't get to the gym Thursday OR Friday. I seriously felt like crap all weekend. I didn't have an awesome excuse as to why I ditched out. I just pushed snooze to many times and didn't get my butt out of bed. As soon as I woke up I knew it was going to be a bad day. You would think since I did that Thursday I would have been totally energetic Friday and be motivated to make it up.....but no. I decided sleep was a better option. In turn resulting in yet another regret. well...I did OK on what I ate. I made the banana ice cream again. SOOOO GOOD! Go here to try it out!

Last weeks challenge: drink 8glasses of water a day. AND KEEP TRACK! 

I did pretty good at this! I actually kept track with a little notebook:) but there are other ways to keep track if you don't want to carry around a little notebook. 
I like this idea! I may try this instead:) I like to have a visual rather than relying on my memory. I would also reuse all the water bottles the next day to do the same thing!! 

A few fun facts about water
 Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water.

Drinking water can significantly reduce joint and/or back pain.

Water naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation underneath layers of skin to give it a healthy, glowing appearance.
Water leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration. 

Drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. 

Water is the primary mode of transportation for all nutrients in the body and is essential for proper circulation.
 Whenever you are at a restaurant try and remember these words...
I'll just have water please!
 -good to know:)

I did good this week with drinking my water mostly because it was our weeks challenge. Getting enough water is always a struggle for me. I will keep trying and keep you posted!! 


 ok so this week is turkey day!!! I want you to BE GOOD. 
Watch your portions and only eat the foods that are special Thanksgiving traditions. Don't bother with the foods you see all year round(skip the chips). also get plenty of exercise this week to make up for the extra calories that are bound to come on.
Stay focused and let me know how you did on next weeks link up:)

love you all

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