Monday, September 10, 2012

Last 2 weeks...

 ........SIDE NOTE...

Yes, I will be changing the blog name soon. 
Don't worry I am well aware "Me and My Boys" will no longer be appropriate with the birth of baby Ember.
   hehe thank you! 


anyways....the last few weeks have been a crazy blurr of snuggles...poopy bums, feedings and naps whenever possible...
here are some snap shots Via Instagram from while I was -blog MIA-


All the sweet faces that came to meet baby Ember
Yummy dinners neighbors and friends brought
Texts, e-mails and phone calls from all of you
Cute outfits, warm blankets and plenty of diaper gifts

............thanks to all who helped make Embers birth wonderful..

Gettin the hang of things

Well, Its been two and a half weeks since
 we added one more to our family.
I think I am getting the hang of it.

Nap time use to mean craft or blogging time. 
Now this is what it looks like. 

Usually Ty and Ember passed out on my lap.
I haven't had the heart to move them...
I love their snuggles and when they are at the same time...
its so precious. 

Ty is still doing really good with Ember.
For the most part he is really soft with her.
He does give some rough hugs and I have to remind
him that its a baby.

I snap as many pictures as I can. 

...Jayson HATES pictures. I usually have to sneak them.
Like this one here. 
But its so cute it was worth him rolling his eyes at me. 

 Mom came up twice...
For a week right when Ember got here!
 I don't think I could have 
done it with out her.
I cried on and off the whole night after she left us
the first time. 

but my baby sister is here.
 I'm pretty blessed she is so amazing.
She defiantly is a huge help.
and I love her tons.

My schedule as of now
Feed Ember
Burp Ember
Change Ty
Feed Ty 
Rock Ember
Change Ember
Change Ember
Maybe shower
Feed Ember
Burp Ember
Play with Ty 
Rock Ember
Change Ember
Feed Ty
Change Ember
Change Ty
Feed Ember 
Play with Ty

Something similar to this...
haha but
I love it!