Saturday, February 12, 2011


When Jayson and I got married I didn't realize just how big a Packers fan he was. I mean he told me he loved them....But it wasn't tell they lost in 2010 to the Giants in the deciding game on who goes to the Super Bowl that I realized how deep his love is. ha

He was so mad/sad afterwards. I was expecting an "O man that sucks" and get over it. haha Not the case.  I first took it personally when he was not acting himself and was actually getting pretty upset.

The next season came and I decided to have a better attitude. 

O did I mention I hate sports. 

But I did decide to have a better attitude. After all this was my husband. and he loved I felt that I needed to at least respect him in it. 

Do you know what happened?

I fell in love with it too! I truly enjoy watching the game. Now if its not the Packers playing im not so into it. But I will gladly sit down and watch our team play! 

...and do you know what happened this year??!!!


We were so excited when we found out they were going. I made us some sweet shirts to wear to the Super Bowl Party!

Yupp..Even Ty got a little onesie! Darling right! Well the numbers are a little wobbily and not so even, but we totally rocked them.

A little family picture before the game started.

I'm sure for the rest of our lives we will be Packers fans. 

I'm sure we will watch almost every game.

I'm sure when they go to the super bowl I will make sweet shirts for us and all our kids.

I'm sure we will have many Super Bowl Parties. 

I'm sure I never thought I would be a football fan, but here I am...and I love it!