Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Baby Ty and Heather
Heather had some influence on naming Ty.... I was still on the road to delivery with no light at the end of the tunnel.... I was feeling pretty depressed and in comes Heather with a present for "baby" and I.She had some flowers and a cute little stuffed animal with ty on his tag...It was ment to be!!


Lauren also brought some sunshine into my life...she came into the hospital right when the blood transfusion was over, and it was sure good to see her face!! She looked so cute holding Ty and I sure cant wait tell I get to visit her in the hospital with ....Jess...Luke...Johnny....?? we will see.

Justin is going to be such a good daddy! I love seeing him with all Laurens kids...and he was just as cute with Ty!!

My soon to be sista! Also looked super cute holding Ty.. So happy everyone came to visit! Really ment a lot to me:) SURE LOVE MY FAMILY!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ty William Whetman

I had a scheduled induction planned for one week after my due date. I thought for sure my little man was going to come sooner...but he didn't. I think he was nice and comfy right where he was. 

So this is me 41 weeks pregnant.
at midnight...ready to go into the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital (Mom, Jayson and I) at midnight. They hooked me up to my IV, slipped me some pills to make me thin out and told me to get some sleep...SLEEP... are you kidding me...The last thing I could do was sleep. So eager to get my little man here. However I knew I would be needing some energy soon. So we all tried to get some shut eye. 

The whole thing is a blurr to me now. The nurses kept coming in to check me.. (see if I was thinning or dilating). Every time they came in I had barley and progress. They were coming in to check me so often that it was becoming very painful. I would cring at the site of there smiling faces when walking in my room. 

I was in the process of thinning the whole night and next morning. Finally they hooked me up to some pitocin and thought that would speed things along. The whole day went by and I was still making very little progress. 

Through out this process there was moments I thought I was not going to ever have my baby and had a few emotional breakdowns. 

They continued coming in to check my progress. After so long I was to the point that I was crying every time they walked into my room...knowing that I was about to get disappointing news. I had gone to the bathroom and noticed I was bleeding. I immediately panicked and had another emotional breakdown. The nurses assured me that it was from them checking me so often. 

Night time came and they were about to let me go home and sleep. Thinking my body would do better if I could relax, maybe I would go into labor myself. However since I was bleeding so bad they wanted to keep me there under observation. 

Soon my doctor came in and discussed a few options with us. He told me that if the baby was not coming by the morning time he would have to do a C-section. I was a little freaked out at the sound of the words C-section. I had no idea what happened during one. I mean I had a basic idea, but I didn't do any research on it before hand. I felt totally helpless and shocked my body was not cooperating.

After he left Jayson and I talked for what seemed like hours about our baby. I was still terrified at the thought of surgery. But I wanted my baby here safe. I wanted what was best for him. We prayed and prayed about it, and for comfort. 

I knew then that everything was going to be OK. I knew if we needed to have surgery that I was in good hands and I knew my baby would come one way or the other. 

Well my doctor took some pity on me and gave me a morphine shot in the bum. Then told me to sleep. This was an easy task now. I got some of the best sleep that night (well for a few hours). Only to wake up in the most pain of my life... 

Nurses came in to check me and sure enough I was far enough along to get my epidural. I got it at around  6am when I was dilated to 7cm. I was in so much pain that I didn't feel much pain with the shot. It was mostly the awkward position they want you to sit in while receiving it.

By 9am I was a 10 and started pushing with my nurse. I pushed with just her for about 45 minutes. My epidural worked so well I couldn't feel anything. I had no idea when my contractions were coming and going. After so long my doctor came in and we finished pushing. Just over an hour total.

I didn't feel anything while pushing but as soon as he came out I felt a huge relief.  

They immediately laid him on my chest. All I can remember about the whirl wind is looking over at Jayson and then down at our perfect son. I was so happy. Tears fell down my cheeks. Jayson kissed his forehead and said " It's Ty". Our son had a name! 

This is where it really gets hazy for me. . 

I wanted to breast feed right away.  I started and he latched on perfectly. We were doing great for a few minutes when I remember looking at my mom and saying "take him". I felt as if someone sucked the life out of me. I was starting to shake uncontrollably. I was going in and out of passing out. I remember them yelling about how much blood I was loosing and about my blood pressure dropping. Jayson, my mom, dad and Heather were all in the room. I remember them laying warm blankets on me and my mom laying on top of me to stop the shakes, pushing on my stomach and shooting me with medicine. 

I wanted to know where Ty was. Who had him and if he was OK. Jayson came over and whispered in my ear that everything was going to be fine. He told me Heather had Ty and he is healthy and doing well.

They continued to monitor my blood pressure and taking blood to see what my blood count was. Finally they moved us to a recovery room. Where I then found out I needed to get a blood transfusion. Terrified again. 

At this point they were letting me breast feed laying down in bed. Through all the drama I was content while holding Ty. Looking into his sweet face. 

Lots of shots later and a few more blood clots I was doing a little better. Except they wouldn't let me get up to pee, fearing that I would pass out or lose more blood so I had to still have the catheter. Ugh so awful.

We stayed two nights in recovery being monitored. Partly for me and partly for Ty's jaundice. By the time they came to release us,  I was SO ready to go home. 

Ty was still not better so they sent us home with lights to have him stay on. .  That was a little traumatic for him as well as Jayson and I. 

Being home is the best medicine though. I'm ready to take on this adventure with Jayson and be a family forever. I'm so happy to be a mom and love Ty so much already. As hard and painful as it was, I would be more than happy to do it again, and am assured of that every time I look into my little mans eyes. 

Baby Ty and mommy

Happy daddy

Baby Ty

Soooo glad when all the needles were done

 exhausted but happy

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

41 weeks

41 weeks... NIGHT OF...hehe
So this is right before we left to the hospital!!!
Wanted to document my last night pregnant...
(will explain later)

40 weeks

40 weeks....when will this baby come out???

40 weeks... NOT dilated...NOT softened... NOT dropped...
So the doc said just plan on your new due date being a week late....AWESOME.
Just what I wanted to hear..So he scheduled me to be induced on the 30th...
YAY at least I know I wont be growing a toddler down there...