Monday, October 24, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #19


Welcome welcome. Tell Me Tuesday ROCKED my socks last week! Thanks for all the fabulous link ups! You seriously make my day when you link up!

What have I been up to?? Well I promise I have been uber busy with crafty things...but I have a problem, all my project that I am currently working on are family Christmas presents....and my family obviously reads my blog(or at least I hope they do) and I don't want them to see what I am making them. SOOOO I may just have to throw in some random projects so things don't get to boring around here. BUT after Christmas I will have SO much to share with you!!! I PROMISE!!

GUESS WHAT!!!???!!!?!?!?!

MOTIVATE ME MONDAY was not a failure yesterday! we actually had SEVEN link ups! THANK YOU LADIES! If you want to know more and want to get healthy, fit, strong..and challenge yourself to do something new each week...then follow along and link up with me on Mondays!!

OK...SO HERE are a few fun Halloween link ups:)

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Motivate Me Monday...COME LINK UP!

So our first link up! YES:) this is so exciting...
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(the next weeks challenge will always be after the link the VERY don't miss it!)
Last week we challenged you to write about how fitness ties into your life. 
WELL.....I guess you could say fitness and me...we go way back.
Except I always wanted to be skinny...
I always was SO self conscious of my weight.
Weighing myself EVERY morning...sometimes 2 or 3 times a day..
CRAZY right? well I didn't think so....

Although I am still guilty of weighing myself more than I probably should...
Rather than being bone skinny I WANT TO BE FIT...HEALTHY...STRONG! 

Strong is my new skinny...and I'm bringin sexy back!! hehe

I have started working out as a passion. No longer because I need to burn off lunch calories or yesterdays snack...but because it makes me happy. 
I finally figured out that...

MY responsibility...for myself..nobody was going to motivate me...I had to make it a habit, a passion!
Why settle for less??? Your body is one thing you have control over...
You control if you take the stairs or the control if you eat the salad or the burger.

So here I am....Not in the best shape ever...Not someone who is going to be on fitness magazine anytime soon....but I know that fitness is my responsibility....and I am making small changes every single day to be better...and if I mess up or slack off I start hard the next day....NEVER GIVING UP!

NEVER LOSE MOTIVATION! I hope this link up helps us help each other...hehe.
I hope you have fun....share quotes/make your own quotes...
Do the challenges and let us know how they went!!! 
I LOVE YOU ALL and hope fitness and your own personal health becomes a priority in your life...

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NEXT WEEKS CHALLENGE....we would like for you to share with us a healthy recipe...Can be anything you like breakfast, lunch, long as it's the healthy version!!! REMEMBER... You can always share your own things as well...If you want to vent about your week and how the challenge was hard, or how you totally kicked it!!
Also if you have ideas for challenges through out the week and want us all to work on it with you so you are not alone....please email me your ideas or questions!!