Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Why mommy???"

I haven't done an update post on Ty in a while. Lately I feel like he has changed so much I want to document it and remember these little moments and milestones he is hitting.

I am blown away by the things Ty is saying. The way he is grouping words together and making sentences. I find myself having actual conversations with him. Most people get what he is saying. Especially family who is around him often. However there are some that need me ( the Ty translator ) to step in on somethings. There are times still where I catch myself not knowing a word or two but for the most I am fluent in Ty.

The way he talks to me cracks me up. I notice that when he is talking he has to have me acknowledge everything he is saying. He usually starts off by asking for something once or twice then says "mom mom mom". Eventually gets up in my face to the point he is almost eating my nose, takes his hands placing them on my cheeks making sure we have eye contact. Still saying mom mom mom and repeating his question. He is persistent tell I give him full attention. 

Ok so here is the real thing that inspired this post. 

"Why mommy?"

uh what.... Just a simple yes and no don't cut it anymore?? Ty wants to know why he can't stay up tell midnight and why he can't eat five cookies and why he has to take a bath. 

It has been adorable and slightly exhausting explaining to him why for everything. I catch myself giggling at his curiousness. I know his little brain just wants to understand things. I know he is growing and learning and discovering the world around him. I know he is finding things out and connecting the dots. It simply amazes me.

Every time he asks why I will tell him with a smile on my face and to the best of my ability a good answer.

I love that Ty lets me hold him. I rock him, hold him, kiss him and smother him.. At least for as long as he will sit still. Although he is a mamas boy he is  100% boy. Totally energetic and full of life. The boy does not have a wind down. Constantly on a mission to get something done. He is just wound up and up and up tell he eventually just crashes at the end of the night. To watch him sleep is a miracle. I often think about how peaceful he looks and how its possible for so much energy to be in such a tiny body. I sit there and watch as he charges back up for the next day and wonder what sort of adventures he will take me on then. 

He also has a huge I mean huge obsession with tractors. I am sure its because we are staying with my parents on the farm and he gets to ride on them with papa and daddy. He is constantly wanting to see them, be on them even watch video I have taken of him and Jayson driving them together. He wont wear any shoes but his boots and hardly ever leaves the house with out his John Deere hat.

Ty has a huge heart and I am convinced can read any emotion. If I am ever sad he picks up on it immediately and comforts me. Hugs, kisses, stokes my face with a concerned look on his face. He is such a comforter. I think he will always have others feelings in mind and be sensitive to their needs.

This kid is my little man. The person who made me a mama. I will always love to see him grow but will always catch myself wanting it to slow down. 

xoxo little man
mommy loves you with all her heart!