Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why I love him

 I have been uber busy making Christmas gifts that I haven't been up to making a new post the last few days. However I wrote this little list for my hubby a while back on just a few reasons why I love him.

1. For asking for our first kiss.
2. For telling me you love me every single day, and for giving silly explanations when I ask why.

3. Because your the only one who gets my love for Bob Ross.

4. The way Ty cries for you when you leave for school or work.

5. Random text messages just to say I love you, or to make sure I am happy.

6. The way I catch you looking at me and I can tell you love me. 

7. They way you pray for our children's health and safety every night. 

8. Making me breakfast every weekend.

9. The way you write the grocery list. 
cheese:in all there varieties
little dude snacks 
mElk and legs
10. For the look on your face when Ember was born. 

11. For every day that we are together I fall more in love with you. 

12. Because we get funnier all the time.

13. For working so hard at school and work and coming home happy to change poopy bums. 

14. For brushing my hair back after both kids were born and telling me you are so proud of me, and thanking me.

15. Surprising me with diet cokes when you know I have had a long day.

16. For being a man I am proud to have Ty look up to.

17. For always kissing my morning breath goodbye.

18. Because you want to spend eternity with me.
19. and your the only one I can imagine being with.
20. All our late night talks.
21. and plans we make for our future. 

22. For letting me put my cold feet on you during the night. 

23. When you stick up for me when people tease me. 

24. For always asking me for my opinion and truly wanting to know how I feel. 

25. For popping my back a million times a day.

26. For being the bestest friend I could ever ask for.