Thursday, March 7, 2013

simple moments

Have you ever had a simple moment...
one simple moment that you are completely overwhelmed with joy. 
So much that you lose your breath. 

I stood in front of the sink washing our dinner dishes
...thinking how blessed I am
...I heard the sound of my babies giggling as Jayson tickled their tummies.

They are so sweet and innocent..
so perfect.

Jayson was having as much fun as they were. 
I turned to see the light in his eyes when he saw them smile.
I could see the love he had for his babies and the love they had for their daddy.

I stood their with them unaware I was watching.
Just breathless at the sight of their beauty.
In that moment I experienced true happiness. 

In that one simple moment I made a memory I will cherish forever.

The simple fact that Ty has now made Spiderman apart of our family melts my heart.
He does most everything with us. 
He even gets stinky sometimes and needs a diaper change. 

The fact that Ember now uses rolling as her form of transportation.
Yupp she is everywhere.
and if she wants something, no problem she will just roll her way to it. 

and the fact that I will never get over how much 
I love Embers leg rolls...

Simple things in life
that simply take my breath away.

Colors and Hughes

 Hey Ladies...Got a treat for you today..Carmina is a good bloggy friend and can't wait for her to share her story!
Hey Everyone!! I'm Carmina Hughes and I bliggity blog over at Colors and Hughes!

I feel SO honored to be guest posting here on Him and Her. I love Ashley's blog (it's so dang cute!) and I'm so happy that she asked me to guest post! She actually also guest posted for me a couple weeks ago and just in case you missed that check it out by clicking here.
Anyway... I was born into a wonderful small family, I love animals too much, I have the cutest Beagle-Chihuahua named Cliff and I'm married to an amazing man. Of course, I didn't think he was so amazing at first. So let me tell you our love story.

{1.} We met.
Jaron and I met in middle school. I was 11 and he was 12. We were just friends for a while, but when 8th grade rolled around we were "going out". (gotta love those middle school terms.) 

{2.} The Friend Zone.
It was only  a couple weeks before we broke up (you know how 12 year olds are) and I dumped him into The Friend-Zone indefinitely. dun. dun. dun. But we actually stayed really good friends. Best friends, some would stay. 

{3.} We drifted apart.
 As time came and went it was time to go to High School. I moved on and lived in the spotlight by being busy with drill team, student council, show choir, honors classes, and football players for the next three years. Jaron however kept to himself by staying at home everyday and playing video games while flying quietly under the radar. Needless to say, we drifted faaaar apart and we were definitely NOT each other's type any more. Not even each other's type to just be friends. But still, I would say hi to him when passing him in the hallways and text him like once in a blue moon but we both were just too disinterested in each other. (Or at least that's how it seemed to me.) But every time I'd say "hi"  or text the guy who I used to know so well.. there was a part of me that wondered what my life would be like if he was still in it. 

{4.} Reunited and it felt so good.

Well senior year came around and all the older grades were gone and several boyfriends later, Jaron and I (and all of our old 8th grade buddies) started hanging out again. It was crazy because it was as if all those years of silence between us never existed. It was like we picked up right where we left of with no hesitation or glitches in the mix. I had my best friend back and it was great! perfect.

{5.} Code red. Code red!
As we hung out every day (seriously. every day.) I started to see those little faces, those gestures, the eyes, the body language. you know... those things that you see when you can tell that that person is starting to like you. Yeah, Jaron was giving me all those signs. bad. He liked me and I knew it. But I didn't want it. I didn't want him to be my boyfriend (I had a boyfriend missionary). But I also didn't want to lose my best friend again. So I pretended that I didn't notice. And that went on for the whoooooole year. 

{6.} I surrender.
Then came the time to graduate and move away. I had found a summer job in the town where my College was so I'd be moving out only a few weeks after graduation. I woke up on Sunday morning and knew that it was my last week in my hometown and by default-my last week with Jaron. I didn't know why but all I wanted to do during my last week home was spend all my time with the boy who I forbid myself to fall for. 
During that week we spent loads of time together.. it was the most perfect week of my life in fact. Not only did I finally let myself fall for Jaron but he finally got what he had been waiting for.. I found out that Jaron had been in love with me since we "went out" in 8th grade. He never stopped. He never had another girlfriend, he never kissed anyone, nothin. He waited for me. 

We dated for a year and then my wonderful Jaron proposed to me on March 10, 2012 
(almost exactly a year ago!)

We got married for time and all eternity on June 16, 2012.

We are now getting ready to go to school in the fall (both in graphic design
and are looking forward to whatever the future brings us! 

Thank you for having me Ashley, and thank you for reading whoever you are! Please come and check out my blog! I absolutely just love my readers/followers! :)
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