Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what I am loving

I am absolutely loving Ty's hair cut! I thought it was going to be so hard to get rid of those curls....
from time to time i will miss the little curly-Qs but for the most part I think Ty just looks like a stud muffin
with his new-do.

Celebrating Ty's birthday was a blast! I love the cake mom and I made. 

 I had to snap some ONE YEAR pictures in some of his new birthday clothes!! 
I am LOVING what he got!!!  and that we are stalked back up on Ty clothes 

I am LOVING that I got Ty's car mat all done in plenty of time before Christmas. :)

LOVING the picture my sister snapped of me and MY BOYS yesterday!

 LOVING this picture and remembering the true meaning of Christmas...
I don't know where to source it because I found it on facebook.
If you know where its from please let me know!!!

Thats a few things I am loving lately!!
What are you loving???

How pinteresting/What im loving

SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! heels and TOMS duhh:)