Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what I am loving

I am absolutely loving Ty's hair cut! I thought it was going to be so hard to get rid of those curls....
from time to time i will miss the little curly-Qs but for the most part I think Ty just looks like a stud muffin
with his new-do.

Celebrating Ty's birthday was a blast! I love the cake mom and I made. 

 I had to snap some ONE YEAR pictures in some of his new birthday clothes!! 
I am LOVING what he got!!!  and that we are stalked back up on Ty clothes 

I am LOVING that I got Ty's car mat all done in plenty of time before Christmas. :)

LOVING the picture my sister snapped of me and MY BOYS yesterday!

 LOVING this picture and remembering the true meaning of Christmas...
I don't know where to source it because I found it on facebook.
If you know where its from please let me know!!!

Thats a few things I am loving lately!!
What are you loving???


  1. That cake is amazing!!! It looks professionally done!

    Love the computer chair picture, too. Ya'll are adorable! :o)

  2. i really really like the picture
    of you an your boys =D
    right there is the WHOLE meaning to your blog
    your boys + you + computer LOL =D


  3. Aw, what a lovely list! Your little guy is so adorable, he is one handsome boy!

  4. that face is so precious!! you and your mom did an EXCELLENT job on that cake, very professional looking!

  5. Ty is such a cutie! I love seeing him walking around the church halls, he amuses me during church too...I could stare at him all have such a great job getting to be his momma! And, I agree with everyone else too, that cake looks amazing!

  6. How cute! I love that cake and the car mat is darling!

  7. Wow that cake is amazing! That's so awesome you and your mom made it! I need to start thinking about my daughter's year old birthday cake...

  8. What a precious handsome lil boy!! I love the cake! It's super awesome!! And I LOVE that Santa pic!

  9. The cake is awesome! So is your cute little guy.

  10. happy birthday ty! wow! one year! he's the ever! i love that cake you made! wow! i'm impressed!

  11. I love you! I miss you already. When are you coming home again??!

  12. thats odd... i am loving that little guy too!! hahah oh and you:)
    miss you lots.. i guess i'm excited maybe a little to come back to cedar


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