Thursday, August 9, 2012

my wonderful 38week news

 A little back story first:

With My first pregnancy I went to 41 weeks and was still not dilated, thinned ...nothing.
I went to the hospital to be induced a few days later. 
My body did not respond to the pitocin very well. 
I was in the hospital for a day and a half before I reached 4cm.
All together a 36hr labor.

Going into it I thought I had imagined every possible situation.
I didn't imagine this.
I still can not complain to much...
My son is healthy and beautiful and I recovered well. 
I know so many women with way harder stories. 

However this pregnancy I had it in my mind that I was going
 to be 42 weeks again with no baby. 

Going into my doctors appointment today for my 38 week check
I was fully prepared to hear the word zero..

But I didn't. 
I am at 1 1/2 cm

I have the same doctor as I did with Ty
so he is very aware of my situation and was 
almost as excited for me as I was! 

I know this does not mean I will go into labor tonight.
I know I can be a 1 1/2 for the next two weeks.
I know this does not mean delivery will be a piece of cake.

However if I can come into the hospital on my own with 
out having to be induced.

 Or now being induced NOT from a zero...

I am more relaxed.

It's ok, we went to the library

It's OK that Ty put his own shoes on
Went and got mine to put on
Pulled my hand and cried
Went and stood in front of the door
Wanting SO BADLY to go outside....

BUT it was raining SO HARD.

I didn't know what to do...I felt so bad.
He really needed to get out of the house.

So we went to the Library. 
Ty LOVES the library. 
He is so curious about EVERYTHING!

He goes to get a book and looks at me
as if saying "are you sure I can pick these up?"

So many toys and books...Toddler heaven.

It's also OK...

--because my baby sister is going to be here today to see me! 

--I have my 38 week doctors appointment today.

--HAVING to tell myself it will be OK if I am still not dilated.

--because I have two emergency diet cokes in the fridge if I need them.



I could make it down to see my family again
 before baby girl gets here. 
Car rides just don't work anymore though. 
The good book. -Book of Mormon-
This time with the study guide guide to help me along the way.
Every time Jayson reads it he says he will have a different question in mind the whole time..
Or he will make note of
different words. Right now he is studying
the meaning of a "hardened heart" and what causes it.
I think it's a great way to study with meaning and not to
grow tired of the same scriptures.
I wish I was.
I am pretty much living on cereal and pb&j's unless Jayson
does the cooking. 
I do however want to make a ton of freezer meals for after 
baby girl gets here. 
I know I still wont want to cook then and it would
be nice to have something ready.
Now I just have to get the energy to go get all the stuff 
and cook away for a whole Saturday.
Labor. nuff said.
My baby sister. She lives here during the school year
but when summer hits she moves home to help on the farm.
I get so use to her stopping by every day and saying hi
and having our little girl days.
College starts soon so I will get her back in a few weeks!