Monday, November 12, 2012

whats up and a Winner winner;)

Mom came up to cedar to spend the day with Heather and me. We went to a quilt show....
AMAZING. I was dying over them...they are all so beautiful and so detailed they looked like paintings.

 My lovely mama and her favorite!!

Here are some of my FAVORITES!!!

 YES!! those were QUILTS!!!!

well I have been so dang busy working on some really cute stuff, stuff I'm dying to share...but half of it is Christmas presents for family... who all read my that will have to wait tell after the holidays.

We also just switched our netflix from the mail in movies to streaming...and I have discovered Pretty little Liars...yea its taking up a lot of my free time as well...I'm ashamed to say I just started watching last week and am half way through the first season!!

Ty is loving on all his Halloween candy.
Ember is loving her bath time more and more!!

We also have a winner for the 25$ gift card to eDiapercakes
Congrats to

Entry #42Briana R.
YAY girl. hope you have fun shopping!!