Monday, July 30, 2012

LAST weeks Cell phone pictures

That's right 36 WEEKS! 
We now have doctor appointments every week...crazy..
 I remember this time with Ty went by fast
because I felt like I was living at the doctors office.
Ty is still not sure about my large belly. He looks at it so weirdly. He tries to pull my shirt up.. ( I think he may think I have a basketball hiding up there that he wants to play with) 

My little man can not stay awake in his carseat. 
It makes for great road trips, but when we are on our way to 
church or the grocery store and he
falls asleep only for me to wake him when we get there...Is hard.

This was a hard day. We went outside to play like every 
other day.
Ty and Maddox were having fun riding their bikes and  
running around...
When I hear a very unusual cry come from Ty. 
It was his "I'M HURT" cry but intensified by 100. 
Sure enough when I ran to grab him there were a few bees around. 
He was rubbing the palm of his hand on me so hard and kicking and screaming. I looked at his palm and saw the big bite. It was swelling  pretty fast. Me being allergic to bees immediately freaked out.

I ran inside and through him in a cool bath and was watching carefully for swelling or difficulty breathing.
He seemed to be doing fine.. Just miserable from the sting. 
After a few panic phone calls to my older sister, Dad and Tys doctor I just gave him some medicine and rocked him. The picture on the right is him after the tub and medicine. About ten minutes or less into rocking he was asleep. I laid him in bed...Three and a half hours later he woke  up...Swelling was gone and he was as happy as can be, as if nothing ever happened.

Now that I know he is not allergic and wont stop breathing on me... next time he gets stung wont be as dramatic on my part.