Saturday, March 23, 2013

random little things

I read a blog post the other day listing things people hate that bloggers do/blog about. I have to say I cried. I went down the check list saying "well I do that and that and that". Yes I have awful grammar. Most of my sentences are run ons and if it were not for spell check you probably wouldn't be my friend. Yes I keep it light..I usually post upbeat happy things. Is this me not being "real". Well ill be the first to admit my life is not perfect but its wonderful. I have my bad days. Days I call my mom crying and telling her she never told me being a mom was going to be this hard. I have days when Jayson is at work all day and goes to bishopric meetings all night...and can't get the kids to bed on time. I have days where I stay in my pjs tell noon and even then just switch them out for clean pjs.. So in no way is my life perfect but we are happy and healthy so its perfect enough for me.
Yes I post a million pictures of my kids. Well...Hi that's what my blog is all family with a touch of other random things. Yes I do a recipe here and there but am not a food blogger...Yes I have a fashion post here and there and am not a fashion blogger. Yes I have DIYs here and there but am not a craft blogger. Do I have to be a "categorized blogger"?????? If so I just want to be under "random"

I do what I love and I blog what I am doing at that moment. If I feel cute one day and want to post pictures of my outfit... I will. If I do a random craft and loved it so much I wanted to share... I will. If I do nothing for a week but go on walks and to the park with my kids...well then that is what I will blog about. 

All of my readers have always been so sweet to me. I get the best comments/emails and have made some amazing friends through this blog. So I just want to say THANK YOU for reading although I am random/weird...and for being nice to me. I love you all... :)

With that being said here is a very random post for you.
Pretty sure if I post anymore park pictures you might want to punch me in the face but we just can't get enough of the good weather. I'm glad we soaked it up though because its suppose to get really cold again here (insert super sad face). Hopefully not too cold and not for too long..I want to put Ember in her new spring/summer clothes so bad and it breaks my heart when Ty cries at the door to go outside. He would live outside if he could.

I decided to get a little crafty and make a banner for my sewing area...I kinda like it:) It was the first one I have made. I would say it was pretty easy. I was able to whip it up during nap time too.
Thank goodness for facetime. I don't know what we would do with out it. We use it all the time and we are only two hours away from my family so we see them a few times a month. When we move and are ten hours away we will basically only make it down for Christmas and major family events. So pretty sure the kids and I will be video chatting with grandparents/aunts/uncles and cousins as much as possible. The kids have such an amazing bond with the family that I would hate to see it weaken while we are away.

I pretty much LOVE my grandma. She is the sweetest/funniest gal out there. She gave me a huge jelly roll and told me to make her some placemats. I did them awhile back but had a lot of extra strips so I decided to make a runner as well. This time I quilted it and pretty much am in love. I think it is one of the nicer quality things I have made.

 Yea, I got a huge notice its not winter anymore. I use to be able to give Ty a chocolate bar on the way out of the grocery store if he was a good boy (or always). Anyway it use to not melt....well it does now. Its warm enough now that when I turned around to check on him this is what I saw....yikes. good thing he didn't touch anything.

 I can't even put into words how much this little one has been melting my heart lately. She is growing so fast and learning so much. She is in the funnest stage now... loving to be on my hip (explaining the million pictures I post of the two of us). She loves to grab my face/hair/jewelry or anything she can get her hands on. 

This little goober is talking so much. Every day he surprises me with new words. This picture was actually his idea...He grabbed the phone and held it out and said cheese. I giggled and told him to take a picture of himself. Then he yelled "no, mommy Ty cheese". So I got in the picture with him. Big cheesy smiles!!