Monday, March 7, 2011

house make over continues

these shelves I got at Joanns
they were only six bucks
I forgot to take a before picture
but they started off that new light wood color
so we just painted them black to match the living room.

I am so happy with the way it all turned out!
love it:)
The HOPE picture frames I made
you can see here how

sad sad entertainment center

sad right

we pulled out the nasty back with the old holes in it

I got this paper at Joanns
70% recycled and so cute i know this looks crazy but just
rip up a ton of your favorite papers

get out the good ol mod podge

place them super randomly

here is a after picture
you can also see my happy couch in this shot

yay does that look so much better or what

sad couch...happy couch

Meet my sad couch

Its a very nice couch I <3 it
however it is sooo low...
it lost its legs

My mother thought we should put it on stilts!!
so we went and got some fabric for a ruffle
so we could raise it:)

we cut seven inch strips

we had to make room to sew in a
very tight space.

mom introduced me to a new best friend...
Ashley + heat n bond = love

this is the couch flipped over..
pinning the ruffle on

It was harder for me cause I am a weakling..