Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Ty and Ember
Thank you both so much for taking naps at the same time today!! Mama needed a rest:)
p.s Ty, thanks for making me car soup this morning (see picture)  
Dear Hubs
Thanks for the MUCH needed date last night.   
Dear Dark Knight Rises
You were good. a fun date. but you scared me.
Dear Heather
Thanks for tending the kids so Jays and I could go out...I love you!! your the best baby sister in the WHOLE WORLD!! 
Dear Self
Good job on not cheating on your diet the last few days.
Dear Dr. G and 6 week apt
Thanks for delivering my babies. Your the best doctor EVER!
Six week apt is OVER!! all is well and I can get back to my normal exercise schedule.
Dear Parenthood (show)
You may just be the best tear jerker/wonderful show I have seen.
I LOVE this new season.
Dear Weather
Stay wonderful

Dear Dad
Hope you had a GREAAAAT  day at the new fire station!

Dear Friends
What should my little family be this year for Halloween??
Last Year


This is what my babies are doing right now.
They melt my heart.

Last night Jayson and I went on our first date after Ember
had been born. We went and saw The Dark Knight Rises.
It was at the cheap theater!
I can wait a month to see a movie for three dollars.

It was so nice. Jays and I got to talk and have an actual 
conversation with out changing a dirty diaper or getting a sippy cup. Both things I love to do...but it was nice to 
have Jays all for myself.

We started talking about moving for grad school.
The house size loan were going to have to be taking out.
How were going to have to live on love basically. haha

I really thought about don't laugh...
but how fun it is to be a poor collage family.

We do silly things like have one set of batteries for 
both remotes and just exchange them as we need them.

It doesn't really bother me. It a chapter.
The next one will be even harder.
At least right now Jays works part time.
 Well if you can even call it that. Its more like quarter time.
but it works.
We haven't had to take out any loans yet.

I actually feel blessed.
We have everything we need.
A house, a car, our kids have clothes on their
backs, fresh diapers and full tummys.


But the school we really want to get into the tuition
each year is like buying a new car.

A nice new car.

Kinda scary.
It's been on my mind a lot.

Any of you in graduate school?
Or were in grad school?
How did/do you survive...?