Monday, May 6, 2013

Tell me Tuesday

Hey! I am so glad you're here. 

I am super giddy right now.
 My photography classes with Nicoles classes started tonight.
I feel WAY over my head and manual mode is FREAKING me out. 
I have high hopes though and can not WAIT to start shooting out of auto. 
Wish me luck, ill need it. 

Also I have a fabulous giveaway going on now. 

 O I die over this blanket. Cutest thing ever:)

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vintage inspired sign

I am beyond excited for this cute girl to be here today. She is super talented, a great mom and is actually the only reason I started blogging. I love her dearly.

Here is Lauren from Boots by the backdoor.

The tutorial that I'm sharing with you today was inspired by the "Life is better on the Farm" sign that I recently made. I painted an old piece of wood turquoise, added my vinyl and distressed it. After I got done I was telling my husband how I wished that I could make the vinyl look distressed like the wood.

He had a fabulous idea to try on our next sign project.. to start we'd paint a piece of wood white, add the vinyl, then paint it our color and finally peel the vinyl off, revealing the white distressed wood instead of the shiny vinyl!

So I immediately started another sign project, that I'm sharing with you today!


To start you'll need a piece of wood and some vinyl lettering.

1. Spray paint your board white or whatever color you want your text to be.
Distress if desired. My husband thinks its hilarious that I like things to look "old and crappy"! ;)

2. Once the paint dries add your vinyl lettering

3. Outside or in a well ventilated area, spray paint your wood the color you want your sign to end up. Right on top of your vinyl lettering! 

4. Before the top coat of paint dries completely, grab some tweezers and start peeling your vinyl off.
If you wait too long and the paint dries fully the paint may peel off with the vinyl.

5. After your sign dries completely, you can give it a nice once over with a very light grit sand paper and distress the edges with a heavier grit, giving it that fun vintage look.

Here is a close up of the white lettering, after peeling back the vinyl. Love it!!

And a look at where the cute sign sits on my shelf in my kitchen!

The quote we chose is very special to our family. Not only do we love gardening and the literal meaning behind "reaping what you sow" but also the spiritual message behind it.

Dustin was inspired by this Gerneal Conference talk for the quote. 
And I especially loved this segment of President Perry's talk:
One must be impressed with the great message of the Lord’s law of the harvest. His system produces growth, multiplication, and abundant rewards. Surely as we watch the blessings of this growth cycle each year, we would expect His children to catch the vision of their mortal potential. He has entrusted to many of His children during their earthly ministry the opportunity of caring for His special creations—His sons and His daughters. It is surely the greatest of all responsibilities which He has delegated to mankind.

 So not only is it a reminder for us to tend to our literal gardens but also that we must tend to our children very carefully. That we and our children may reap the good that we sow in them. Which as President Perry said, "is surely the greatest of all responsibilities which He (our Heavenly Father) has delegated to mankind."

I'm also so excited to share this vinyl lettering with you! 
One lucky reader will receive a black 10x12 version of this quote, so that you may enjoy it in your own homes!

Just leave a happy note in the comments to enter.