Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little mans new vest!!!

Little Mr. man!! Don't you love his new vest!?? 
I used a few tutorials and made a few changes of my own! 
The whole idea came from B is for Boy!
As soon as I saw this totally pinned it(duh!!) then attempted it 
for myself. I did all the sewing except the button holes/ My 
lovely mother helped me with those....

I love it but I think I would love anything my little Tyger is in!

Yes, I take most of my pictures outside..only because I live in a basement apartment with not the best lighting.

A couple shots of it/ The tie and the inside lining of the vest match....I totally LOVE the polka dot!

On our way to church and couldn't be happier! I think Ty liked it too....hehe look at that toothless smile!