Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinned it again

1: Whippy Cake 2: Ucreate

The hair bows are lovely, and a good change. I have been obsessed lately making
some for baby Ember.. Totally diggin the big buttons in the middle. 

Another pin for baby Ember. My Grandma Hardy just gave me a HUGE bag...(trash bag size) of lace
that she was not using....So this is one project that caught my eye:)

3: Intimate Wedding 4: 5: source

I want to put some of the picture mason jars on my desk. I think they are a fun way to not use as
many frames. 

AND really....those bracelets..I WANT THEM...I NEED THEM o baby o baby!!

Can someone style my hair like this?? I cant seem to get it right. BUT i love the messy look.

6: Shanty 2 Chic 7: Itsan adorable life 8: Big Box Detox

Jayson and I are actually working on this board project now! I have been putting it off not knowing 
what to paint on it.. I have seen them everywhere and wanted to do something a little different
and thought this would be PERFECT! 

Another messy hair love....its pregnant...and its dang cute.

Button magnents ?? um... DARLING!!  will look perfect in my kitchen

What are you pinning??

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What we wore

It has been a long time since
My blogging has been seriously slacking. 

However today I got up the motivation to take some pics. 
Hope you like them.

Shirt: Watch me grow botique
Sunglasses: Payless shoes  <3
Headband:  Mama made it

no lower shots due to the fact nobody but Ty was here to take 
my picture...

But my shorts are Ross= best maternity clothes EVER..

TY....O goodness my little man gets cuter each day. 

He is in a new stage where he likes to get dressed himself..
He can do his shorts and shoes..Still struggles on the shirts a little.

Today he decided that inside out and backward was the best way to leave the house.

When I tried to take them off and fix them he was so sad...
almost like he was sad that I didn't think his dressing skills were good enough.

So I ended up letting him run around outside with the neighbor kids
with inside out and backward shorts.

and you know what???

He looked pretty darn cute. 

pleated poppy