Thursday, April 19, 2012

new things

 Ember and I just chillin!
 I will be 22 weeks on Friday:) I'm feeling great... 
Starting to feel her moving around more.

Ty I think gets cuter and cuter each day. 
I adore this picture of him...
catches his personality so well!

Remember the QUIET BOOK ?
Well it's a huge hit! Ty wants to play with it all the time.
(I also love this)

He is really doing well on eating with a spoon on his own....
most of the time.
He wont let me feed him anymore though...he has to do it 
alone or he will throw a fit.

We don't have a bathtub (BUT WE WILL WHEN WE MOVE!!!)
so when we go to visit grandma and grandpa its a huge treat for Ty to get to play in the tub..
I think he would stay in there for hours if I would let him.

I hate standing in line at the grocery store...
Ty gets so rowdie...
am I a bad mom for fixing this problem with chocolate??

Heather comes over a lot and Ty LOVES to sit in her truck...
He is definitely ALL BOY!!!