Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Small Style

Spring is here. Well it comes and goes. We actually have about four inches of snow on the ground tonight. eekk (sad face). However this past week the kids spent a few days with my parents while Jayson and I went to Disneyland and in Logandale its always sunny :) Ty was able to run around in his diaper. I always said I would never be that mom who would let her kids run around half naked. I have now learned that you have to pick your battles. Plus Ty can take them off himself and the more I try to ask him to put them on the funnier he thinks it is to take them off. 

Ty insists on wearing his Buzz shirt as often as possible. He absolutely hates when it time to put pajamas on. I am torn on thinking its incredibly adorable and frustrating.

Tys spring attire will most likely be *Buzz shirt *Diaper *Otterpops

It may be time to put this shirt away. I had Ember in it at church and when I went to pick her up I heard a snap snap.. her onesie had popped open and it became a belly shirt. So I just tucked it into her skirt and giggled. I don't know why I tried to squeeze those rolls into a six month onesie when she is wearing mainly  twelve month clothes now. O how I LOVE those rolls. I think they are the most darling thing in the world.