Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flash Back Photography

HEY ladies! I have a treat for you!!! Baily from  Flash Back Photography took Ty's pictures and I wanted to share some with you! First here is a bit about her....
My name is Bailey. (Flashback Photography by Bailey.) 
 I am a wife, mother, and photographer! Next to
my awesome family - photography is my passion.
I love everything about it. I discovered my
fascination for photography when I was 10 years old. Spending
all my money on disposable cameras temporarily satisfied
my desire to take photos of anything and everything.
  When I was 12 years old, I was a good girl all year
 long and “Santa” brought me my very own digital camera.
 I continued taking pictures of my family, friends
and anyone else that would allow me to capture them…
My passion for taking pictures has continued to grow as the
years have gone by and I am more intrigued with
 taking pictures now than I ever have been.
 I crave meeting new people and love seeing smiles
 on their faces, just capturing the moment.  I take a lot of
pride in my work and I strive to be the best photographer that I can be.
 I’m makin’ memories one click at a time!

Cute huh!!! I love them all:) It was such a fun shoot.... Baily made it so chill and was great working with Ty.
To check out her site go to Flash Back Photography
or her facebook page.

P.S Baily is wanting to do a giveaway soon here on Me and My Boys!!!!! 
SOOOO if your interested or know someone who is tell them to keep a look out for it!! :)

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