Monday, April 30, 2012

MMM :)


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So how have I been doing??
well...the last time I went into the doctor the nurse 
said "You only gained two lbs" 
I don't know if thats not a lot while your pregnant to gain in a month...
but it sure feels like a lot.

I'm showing so much faster this time, and I feel like the hungry 
stages that are suppose to happen later in pregnancy started a lot 
earlier this time around..

But  I am eating healthy...Lots of fruit, veggies, and lean meats..
(with my occasional dessert)

I found this first I thought it sounded
 a little odd...
but I gave it a try and it is DELICIOUS! 

Did I mention I am SOOO EXCITED for summer..

One reason being
My family always has TONS of it!
I usually can't leave my grandparents house with out them 
giving me two during the summer!  

I was thinking....
Are you one of those people who do really well on the week days and then totally blow eating healthy and exercising on the weekends?? I tend to do that...I figure 

"O it's the weekend....whatever"

WELL.. if you take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from working out or eating right because it’s the weekend… thats 12 days of the month... Almost half
YIKES...that theory is out the window.

 Found her on pinterest!
Yes, she is my motivation right now!:)

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