Friday, February 7, 2014

ipod pictures

Ty has been talking to his toy Dustie as if he is real. It is truly amazing to see his imagination take off. He asks Dustie (the plane from the movie "Planes" lol)

He says:
"Dustie, you want to come in my pocket"
"You go to the grocery store with us"
"Dustie how do you fly, teach me"

He got the "orange Dustie" for Christmas. I couldn't help but get him the "black Dustie". He asked so nice and was so sweet about it.

"Thanks mom for getting black Dustie...My love him"
"I have two Dusties. They are friends"

Kinda old news.... but I finally did it. After saying I was going to go darker for MONTHS. I just did it! Its crazy. I was so blonde for the last four years it has taken me some time to get use to the dark again. I think I will keep it for as long as we will be in Colorado... Another four years.. Then go blonde again. Its definitely fun to change it up but I can't tell what I like better. For me it seems to be all or nothing. No blonde with brown low lights.. No light brown or brown with blonde high lights. I don't know why... 

Miss Ember has got almost all her teeth. I still feel like she is pretty little to be getting all those molars. I know she hurts. She has needed A LOT of extra attention lately. I don't mind the extra snuggles one bit... They are wonderful... but the tears and tantrums are hard. Poor girl hope they all just come in and stop bothering her!!

I have to say... I miss my family already. I am thinking they need to fly out and see me soon. I know the kids miss them so much!! --hint hint--