Monday, December 3, 2012

Tys 2nd birthday

Ty's been saying "TWWWO" all week long. He knows he is two years old!! Don't worry if you ask him he will tell you!! Neither of our families could be here on his actual birthday..except my baby sister Heather, or as Ty would call her "Haaaya" and my cousins Betsy and Derek!! So we just had a nice dinner, a little cake and ice cream and a few presents.

O man were the presents a hit!!
Seriously the dollar store rocks. We picked this huge crayon up there and he couldn't be happier.
......Or so I thought. His foam sword has not been out of his hands all day. He LOVES it!

Those were his store bought items, but mama had to make him something. Jayson and I thought it would be cute for Ty to have a superhero cape. We like batman so we thought me might. I didn't even have to go to the store all the material I had on hand!!

I got the tutorial for the cape HERE, it was fun and easy enough to make!!

...My heart almost broke because when Ty opened it, he really wanted nothing to do with it. Then when I tried to put it on him he ripped it off.

Sad face.

This is why I fall in love with Jayson more everyday.
...Ty didn't think it was Jays slipped it all on to show him how it works....Except the belt was a tad to small so Jays made it a hat! ahaha
All the sudden the cape was the coolest thing ever.
Especially when Dad made Ty fly in the air.
and he could run really fast.
Then he LOVED it!!

o and the cake...he blew it out himself!!!!

the next day....he wanted the cape on first thing!

 ...great success.