Monday, May 23, 2011

onesie tutu

Boys ROCK...but when I have a girl I fully plan to dress her in tutus all the time.
 My cousin Cody and Mersadie are having a Baby GIRL at the end of next month so I wanted
to test out my crafty skills for their present... I always thought the onesie tutus were cute, so I started blog stocking to find a good tutorial...I came across THIS. Making it easy enough for even me to do it!!

 I love it:) sorry I took it house doesn't have the best lighting...

I actually used a head band rather than elastic...
I would say its the way to go for the baby onesies. 
Plus I wanted to make a head band to match.

 I ended up cutting a bit of the band off, but its ok because the tulle will cover it.
I did a zig zag stitch in the front back and both sides so it wont rip off:)

once you sew it on tie your tulle all around.... after I was done i went around and snipped 
off the top of the knot so it has a clean edge...because I was not planning on covering with ribbon.:)

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