Friday, February 1, 2013

baby valentines

Having kids inspires me in so many ways. I absolutely love giving them sweet little handmade gifts. I was searching pinterest of course when I saw these darling felt robots....thought they would make perfect little gifts for the kiddos.

My rule is you have to name your projects...well stuffed animals and doll type projects. I also have a rule that you can't name them tell they are 100% done!! I made Trixi first and when the name came to me I just loved it. I had a harder time with Atom...I remembered the movie with the fighting robots and Hugh Jackmon....the robot on there is named Atom and I loved it...So he is named after a super star robot!

Meet Atom. He is a stud right?!!!

....and pretty Trixi.

I can't lie...I had a hard time making the cubes at first. I made Trixi THREE different heads before I got the hang of it. I went into it thinking it would be SO EASY...sat down and thought O man ill just whip one of these up and make the next one tomorrow night...UM no..I had a few set backs...The first night I didn't keep anything I worked on. I threw everything away. However I took a deep breath and went to bed and seriously laid there pondering on how to make it go smoother.  

As soon as I got the hang of it and took deep breaths it was much better...But still between wiping tooshies, nursing and filling up sippi cups full of milk it still took two days to complete ONE robot. But I am very happy with the way they turned out. 

Trixi is so special. She actually reminds me of Ember. Big blue eyes, long lashes, big smile and a full heart. To top it all off her sweet little hair bow melts my heart. All together I think its soft, cute and perfect for my baby girl. 

Atom is also special and reminds me of Ty. Big blue eyes and a little smirk smile...almost as if he is up to something, but with a big heart! Just like my Ty Ty. 

You will need:
Felt for base color
scrap felt for heart
two buttons
bow (if its a girl)
coordinating sewing floss
hot glue 
cutting mat 
and slicer

 Cut all your felt with the proper measurements.
(see picture above)
Cut your felt heart out

Hand stitch the buttons to one of the head sized squares
stitch on eye lashes if desired 
and smile

Stitch on heart to one of the body sized squares
(I sprayed my heart with basting spray first so it wouldn't move while stitching)
Hand sew your squares to make the cubes using sewing floss.
I sewed mine and didn't flip them inside out. 
I liked the look of the seam on the outside. 
I thought It looked more square and -robotish-

Finish all but one side
fill with stuffing
then sew it completely closed

Now that all your cubes are made
head, body, 2arms and 2feet 

attach them together 
I hot glued mine 
and put a few stitches with thread
(hot glue and felt are not the best of friends) 

Then add the bow to a girl
I was thinking a baseball cap would be SO cute for the boys

Maybe ill update soon and add a hat to Atom.

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