Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little hike

Ty started off hating life. Wouldn't walk, cried to go home and didn't want much of anything to do with me. After I explained to him that we were walking up to a lake and we could play he was a little more willing. He wanted to go however I had to hold him. So I picked him up and climbed and climbed. About half way up he had the idea that there would be elephants at the lake. (Maybe we have been going to the ZOO too much) Anyway he was excited to hike up and really warmed up to the idea. Once we were there he was in heaven. We ate lunch, visited and threw rocks into the lake. It was as hard to get him to leave as it was to get him to go. Just like bath time I guess. It started off warm but by the time we hiked up it was pretty dang cold. Me being mother of the year didn't bring Ember warmer clothes so she ended up wearing Tys extra outfit. Pretty sure she looked like a cute little boy but she was warm and adorable so its all good. O and not to mention we had to attach her Caterpillar onto the backpack so she could hold it on the way up or she would freak out. Good thing on the way down she passed out. She was so tired we were able to take her out put her into the car seat and drive all the way home before she woke up! When we got home I found the lovely collection of rocks Ty put in his pocket. He keeps telling me we need to go to the rocks again and throw them in the water!! :)