Tuesday, December 10, 2013

graham cracker houses

First we gathered as much yummy stuff as we could possibly find. I didn't want to buy tons of small bags of candy because it was really adding up. So to keep it cheaper I bought one big bag of assorted candies. Then we used random things from the pantry... Marshmallows and pretzels just happened to be in there.

Ty started off pretty hesitant. He was looking at us like we were crazy for decorating crackers and ice cream cones. After a while he had tons of fun and made a pretty cute Christmas tree!

He also helped Dad build his house. Ty did all the pretzels and smarties.

To keep Ember entertained and happy we gave her a little frosting. Most of it ended up on her cheeks and not in her tummy. She was pretty happy playing with the cardboard and tinfoil too.

He was so proud of his Christmas Tree!

What a mess but it was lots of fun!

 Mamas houses.

 Ty's Tree and path.

Daddy and Ty's masterpiece house.