Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new fun

Ty's cute new things....he can feed himself. Kinda, he can put puffs and cheerios in his own mouth. It's SOOO DARLING!! I don't know what happened to my picky eater. He seriously went from eating hardly anything and only wanting his bottle to now eating ANYTHING....he even LOVES the baby food meats that everyone said all babies hate. So I think it wont be long tell my skinny little baby starts to put some meat on his bones! 
I heard it's bad to feed your babies to sleep....but Ty always sleeps so much better and longer with a bottle. Also he just looks so dang cute half asleep with a bottle in his hand!! Does anyone know why it's bad?? 
Aunt Heather and her two little men...She is SOOO sweet!
 Another new trick of Ty's is he can now pull himself up in the crib. It kinda freaked me out at first. He looks so big. BUT he LOVES it!!! He gets so excited to be standing!!!


  1. I think the main problem with this way is the increased risk of ear infections from drinking while lying down. I would think the problem with feeding to go to sleep is that they learn to need milk/formula to fall asleep, and can't fell asleep on their own? Just a guess. We always fed the boys first, burped, brushed teeth and then went up to bed.

  2. I remember being so excited when my little one started feeding herself. It's exciting to see them gain some independence - like standing in his bed, you can tell they're proud of themselves.

    As far as a bottle for sleep, my mom told me that it can be bad for their teeth. The baby will probably hold some milk in his mouth and it can start to poorly affect their teeth. I'm not speaking from experience though, just what I've heard.

    Your little guy is such a cutie =) I love that last picture.

  3. Ashley,

    To be completely honest, my oldest did the same thing. She found comfort in falling asleep with the bottle. Never once did she get an ear infection from it. She did that until I finally introduced the sippy cup. My daughter falls asleep on her own now just fine. I guess every child is different. One may want a teddy bear to cuddle next to, while another will want a pacifier... Each kid is different, and that's ok! There's absolutely nothing wrong with it!

  4. Awww..he looks so sweet falling asleep in his crib:) Is that your sister because you two look exactly alike! I thought it was you for sure.

  5. Aw, he is a cutie! Sometimes it's survival mode with the little ones. There are some things I wish I'd done different with my first child, but she turned out okay. :)

  6. Ohhhh my gosh ADORABLE!! Isn't is so much much when your munchkin can finally fed himself! All the possibilities :)

  7. what a cutie!! and what beautiful big blue eyes he has

  8. Oh Ash!
    he is just the cutest ever!

  9. It's really bad for the baby's precious perfect little teeth. My friend sent her baby girl to bed every night like that and her little teeth rotted so badly she had to get most of them pulled when she was three. And she was in a great deal of pain, plus she had problems eating because it got so bad.


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