Monday, February 20, 2012



Well...I had to get rid of my gym pass. For a lot of reasons...
To much money...To sick all the time...No time.
I started using it as an excuse to not work out anymore..

"I don't have a gym pass anymore so its to hard"

but I am a huge BIGGEST LOSER fan. and this season is the season of 

Sooooo I have kicked my butt back into gear and spiced up my at home routine.
With yoga, 6minute abs, and the 5 mile walking videos. 
Then I use my free weights and bands to do my own thing.
I cant wait to get back outside and start walking again....
The weather is ALMOST nice enough. I just am NOT a cold person...I HATE the snow.
and im terrified of Ty getting sick. So until the sun is shinning I will work out inside. 

So back to the BIGGEST LOSER...
are you a fan???

Last season I totally thought I was a Dolvett fan.. 
  I think because he was the under dog and I tend to want them to do well...
but for some reason this season he is not my favorite....
He still has that beautiful smile though...

and I was an Anna fan...
 SOOO sad to see her go...

but this season its all about  BOB!! 
 I think he does a great job training and being a friend.
and getting AMAZING results...
If I was a on the biggest loser I would totally want Bob to train me... :)
 but I would probably die. 


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  1. Good for you girl! Google BCX Bootcamp, they have awesome printable workout sure to get your blood pumping :) They are hardcore, esp. the leg ones! I super heart loooooove Dolvett! Like for reals!

  2. yeah i will definitely be doing the same anytime soon.
    LA Fitness bought a lot of the gyms around the area so they closed
    down and now everyone and their moms go to my gym SO ANNOYING
    takes an hour to use any machine ... so i just have 37 sessions left
    with my trainer and after that I AM DONE .. i will do the p90x at home
    with my sister :)

    MELINA ♥


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