Friday, July 26, 2013

Eleven months baby girl

O Ember. We are coming so close to your year birthday. I am amazed everyday at how you grow and change. You are so funny. Delighting in the simple things. Like jumping on the chair, your brothers loud noises, playing peek-a-boo and tickle time. Your laugh is contagious and your smile is heartwarming. Your cry is heartbreaking yet adorable. You wine a lot and need to be held. You love to walk around the kitchen and help me cook...or sit on my hip and try to grab everything in site. You love goldfish and graham crackers. You still wont drink out of a straw, cup or bottle. We have to give you water bottles to drink out of. You are so attached to your caterpillar. You are honestly never with out it. It soothes you in a way nobody can. You love mommy and daddy both but are turning into a daddys girl. Your eyes get prettier and prettier and your rolls get cuter and cuter. I love you more than words can express. I will love you forever and always.

 At eleven months...

-You are crying a lot. 

-I love to hold you and cuddle you but you are always on the move.

-You are standing on your very own for long periods of time. 

-Crawling at a very fast pace. 

- Walking along side the walls, couch and tables. 

-Needing constant attention. 

- Taking one nap a day. 

-Babbling Mama and Dada

-Eating everything! 

- Loving play time with your brother.

-Loving the swimming pool. 

- Letting me rock you to sleep on occasion. 

-Climbing on everything. 

-Getting into all cupboards, shelves and drawers. 

-Mostly being adorable. 

Ember Nicole...
We love you so much! 
Daddy, Mommy and Ty.


  1. Awwww, that last photo with her crossed over legs, she seems so grown up. Sounds like she's really on the move and loving it. And how sweet that she's turning into a Daddy's girl, I really expected our little miss to be all about daddy, but she's a total mummy's girl. x

  2. I cant believe how fast she's grown. She is adorable. Happy 11 months Ember


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