Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Its no secrete we love the zoo. The best way to have fun at the zoo is to first ride the rides... This time the train was broken. The sign said down for repairs. When I told Ty he was convinced he needed to go home to get his tools and help them fix it. He is totally Mr. Fix it now days. I love it. He calls himself "builder man". I'm assuming he is getting this from Bob the Builder.

He really wanted to ride a horse this time. When I told them they only have the zoo animals to choose from he said "O yeah mom, were at the zoo...they have zoo animals" and laughs then says "silly mom"... Yeah I'm the silly one. So then he got up on the Giraffe. His favorite animal this week! 

We stopped for a little snack on the benches and fed the geese a few crackers. big mistake. They terrified me after that. They followed us around and looked like they wanted to eat us. scary. haha

Jayson always puts the kids up on his shoulders.
Ty says its because  "Daddy is big and strong...not mommy just Daddy"

 Then we met up with some friends. Ty and Molly both had the map under control.

We spent most the time looking at the fish. Having a pass and living ten minutes away is really nice. If we only want to spend an hour there and see a few things before nap time then its no big deal.

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