Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY doll house pillows

I saw this and this and knew right away that I wanted to make one for Ember.... After one I thought... well maybe she needs four. They are just so cute and don't take much fabric.

 My grandma gave me these fabric rolls about a year ago. They have been sitting in my stash waiting for just the right project. I thought they would be perfect for these little houses. They didn't take much. I could probably still make 15 more.... but I guess I'll stop at four. Maybe I'll make some for some little girl birthdays or baby showers. I think I may be addicted to them.

 I didn't have a tutorial or pattern to use. I thought about making one.... but they are pretty simple.. If there are any requests I might. But its really cut and sew. There is no messing up. They can all be different and charming in their own way... and hey if you want a heart for a window..then why not! Its cute... use your imagination!

I think they are so charming and maybe the best thing I have ever made out of scraps. I need to go get a little basket and throw them and a few treats in for Ember for Easter.

I got thinking after making these. I look at all my sewing notions differently now. All my buttons and ribbons...the lace and rickrack.  Its all just sitting there waiting to be made into something. Right now I have no idea but some day...when the time is right and with the right material it will become something wonderful. All I need is the right inspiration and time. :) Tell then they sit and wait... looking cute in their little jars and cans on my sewing desk... Patiently staring at me.


  1. So adorable Ashley! You're amazing. This makes me want to crack out the sewing machine! :D

  2. These are so gorgeous Ashley. So beautiful and simple. I think I might have to attempt something similar with some of my scraps. x


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