Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Ty

 Ty's birthday was on the 2nd. My little man is THREE! He is getting so big, so adorable, so sweet, so funny and so smart!

Me: Happy Birthday Ty
Ty: Happy Birthday to you too mama. Love you
Me: I love you too Ty but its just your birthday!
Ty: No mama its our birthday..

Anytime anyone would tell him happy birthday he would respond with "Happy birthday to you too" Silly cute kid. He asked for some Thomas trains and some cake. I thought that would be easy enough! We also went out to eat.. Took the kiddos to McDonalds and got them a happy meal. Ty was obviously in heaven. He loves french fries.

I keep catching Ty using his Thomas puppets... So dang cute. I found a tutorial here. I plan to make Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Conductor for Christmas.

Nana and Papa Stan got him this fun farm. Its been getting a lot of play time from Ty and Ember both. In the last few months I have really noticed a huge change in the way Ty plays with his toys. He is actually making pens for the animals...pretending the farmer is feeding the animals... and making the actual animal noises. So fun. His little imagination is amazing. He can make absolutely anything fun!

Ty is my lil man, my first born and my baby boy forever.

I love you Ty. I love the way you wake up early and whisper "milk" softly in my ear. I love the way to want to dress yourself each morning. I love the way you tell me "my love you mama" I love that you love Ember. I love that you are obsessed with Trains, painting, writing, books, cutting paper and anything crafty. I love that you like to watch me sew and cut my thread when Im done. I love that you know how and where to load my robbin (bobbin). I love that you are so tender and sweet. I also love that you tell me what you want when you want it. You have a strong personality and even though at times its hard for me I never want you to lose that. I love that your sitting right next to me right now excited that your farm is on the "puter" (computer). I love that you eat toast with peanut butter for at least one meal a day. I love that you love to make pancakes and would every morning if I had the energy. I love that when you get excited you flap your arms really fast. I love that you love to run around the house in your batman cape. I love that you love your daddy and tell me you want to be just like him. I love that you are the first to stand up for Ember but also the first to push her. I love your smell, especially in the mornings. I love your soft cheeks. I love your big blue eyes and your skinny little legs. I love you more and more everyday. I am so thankful to be your mama. xoxo


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