Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 months baby girl

Ember is 5 months now.
She is so curious about everything.
Always reaching for objects. 
Staring at new faces and places. 
She is actually a bit camera shy.
She is all smiles every moment of the day....
then I put the camera in her face and she gets serious and curious.
She doesn't know what it is 
so she stares fascinated by it. 
She has perfected her rolling skills. 
back to belly 
belly to back 
with no problem
Loves baths 
Loves eye contact
Loves being sang to
GREAT napper
Ok sleeper through the night
great eater
I haven't started Ember on cereal yet. 
I know the normal is around 4-6 months.
I keep putting it off....thinking she is too small.
But I think we will start in the next week or so. 
She is ready. 
Watches some baby einstein.
LOVES snuggles by daddy mommy and ty
Already has a funny personality.
and the cutest chubby rolls 
I have ever seen.


  1. She is beautiful. Where is her shirt from, it's too cute

  2. Ahhh, you can't beat the chubby rolls. Especially thigh rolls!
    Yet again she's looking all gorgeous and turning into a such a big girl. X


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