Friday, January 25, 2013

Pioneer Woman lasagna

The Pioneer Woman has met our house again.
This time while I was visiting my family back home we decided to whip our lasagna up together. Ember was such a big help. . . ---She was only up there for the picture!!---
We decided to make them at like 7 at night. So we wrapped them up to freeze and eat another day.
Mom and Dad could never eat theirs alone and neither could Jayson and I. So mom and Dad will invite grandma and grandpa over and Jayson and I will go to Heathers and share with her Betsy and Derek!!! 
 We served it up with garlic bread, salad and corn. Ty and I LOVED IT!!!
Heather and Betsy also gave it n A+.....Jays and Derek didn't get in any pictures but they went back for seconds ;)

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  1. I can't wait to eat ours!! I am glad you girls wanted to do this!! I had lots of fun!! Love you to the moon!!!


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