Monday, December 17, 2012

Felt Dino mat

This year I have made EVERY gift. I can't show you all yet, most people I made them for read my blog and would get the surprise ruined. So ill show you my little nephews present today...pretty sure they don't check out my blog hehe..!!

I really pondered on what to make my four adorable nephews for Christmas. I wanted something they would play with a lot and hopefully enjoy. I thought about a car mat...but decided I was sick of making them....
(here and here) but I had so much felt laying around I thought a dinosaur mat would be cool..
 ( hopefully little boys do to)

It was a lot of fun to make. This was my inspiration.  I thought the valcanos were an awesome idea. Everything on here is made with felt and put on with hot glue. LOTS and LOTS of hot glue!!

The green mat is one yard
 Red boarder is 3 inch strips folded in half over the edges
Everything else was cut out free hand 

If you make one... don't think about it to hard...
im pretty sure real mountains, lakes and grass don't 
have perfectly straight lines.

I wanted to make sure they had some fun dinos to play with on the mat...otherwise im sure it would not be fun at all.

Walmart had a ton of dinos to choose from. The first ones I ran into were around 15 bucks a piece. They were sooooo cute and I wanted to buy four or five of them, but that was not going to happen....So I kept looking and ran into a bag full of  about fifteen for THREE dollars. They are smaller and not as cute, but I think they will still have fun playing with them!!

I opened up the dinos for the sake of taking pictures of it. While in the process Ty was LOVING it...So it gave me hope the boys will too!!

Im so excited to wrap it up and watch them open it!!! Hope it gets lots and lots of use. 


  1. This is so cool!! I can't believe you made all your gifts! That's awesome! I'm pinning this. :)

  2. That is so, so cool and crafty! I bet it really was fun to make for the kids!

  3. Awh too cute!! :) I'm sharing this on FB!

  4. Very sweet! I'm working on a two-sided farm and mountain/wildlife mat, but yours is lovely! Thanks for the good ideas!


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