Monday, December 17, 2012


I haven't wrote about the tragedy you and I are both trying to cope with. Not because I don't care. I simply have no words, just tears. I try to write something, but nothing comes out right. No words can describe the hurt and love I feel for these children. My thoughts are constantly on their families.

 I saw this picture on Living in yellow.
I will also be showing my support for the
Sandy Hook families. 

I will be apart of the SILENCE and not blog tomorrow. 

The hope of the silence is to 
remember the families and keep them in our thoughts.
 remember the lives cut short.
celebrate the gift of life.  

To offer something more than silence, check out this site 
for a way to brighten the life for a child of Sandy Hook Elementary

I can't help but think about how short our life here on earth is. 
How fragile. 
 I want to remember to hold on to every moment.  

every moment.

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