Monday, March 26, 2012



Hey ladies if you are new here and
 want to know more about MMM go HERE!!! 
good idea...
 such a good idea to keep your meal in the right proportion.
Something yummy/healthy
 yummmm...fresh fruit with granola on top!! 
yes, I would eat this any time of day.
said it good

smart words...
strong is the new skinny is my favorite! 
That has always been something I like and tried to gear more
toward when doing MMM.
motivation for me

this is so going to be me...
I'm totally investing in a summer pass 
to our aquatic center!!
-best safe fitness for the preggers-

I'm still staying positive even though I can't exercise like I was before I was pregnant. I am really looking forward to my next doc. appointment to see if I get the go ahead to do any physical activity:)

Food has really been making me sick lately. I feel like everything gives me a really bad stomach ache. My only relief is to eat a LITTLE bit every hour or so. Eating out/greasy foods/desserts...don't sound or look appealing at all. I am living on cheerios and PB&J sandwiches...Thank goodness for my prenatal vitamin or I would SO not be getting the nutrients I need for my little baby. 

Thanks for helping me stay motivated!! 


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  1. That portion control gadget is mighty slick; I could use one of those babies!


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