Monday, March 5, 2012



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Like I said in the last mmm
now that im prego most of my Monday posts 
will be relating to fitness while pregnant! 

Last week I brought up the fact that pregnancy is not an excuse to not work out, but more of an excuse to work out because it will be better for you and your baby. I have been doing really that the weather is getting better and Ty and I can go outside..walk around and get fresh air....I definitely feel better!

One of the exercises doctors recommend to pregnant woman is Aerobics


These exercises are rhythmic and repetitive while being strenuous enough to demand an increase in oxygen to the muscles. All of these exercises will improve circulation...Decreasing your chances of getting varicose veins, hemorrhoids and fluid retention all common in pregnancy. Reduce back ache...Helping you carry around the extra weight...and build endurance that will come in handy while in delivery. 


Have you heard the saying "I'm eating for two"?

WELL its one of the most widely held myths about pregnancy.
Actually women should increase their caloric intake by 10 percent.
you're really eating for 1.1.
 During your first trimester you only need to be eating
 100 extra calories a day. Second about 250 and third 300. 
So eating that extra bowl of pasta is because you want it....not because the baby needs it..although sometimes when pregnant you REALLY want it!! hehe and thats ok!:) 

I'm definitely not perfect in this area..I know the facts...or at least what the books tell me... about how much weight I should gain and how many extra calories I should be eating...but sometimes when you can't fit your butt into any pants you own...sometimes a cupcake is nice!! 
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  1. hey girlie! i never got a chance to say congrats last week!! im so excited for you guys! you are just GLOWING in your announcement photo!!

  2. Yeah, I wish I had heeded the 1.1 advice during my last pregnancy :) Oh well, lesson learned, 80 pounds later! ha!

  3. I usually just use winter as an excuse for not exercising even though I'm pregnant...I know that's so bad! But now that the weather is looking much better I'm more motivated to go on walks with my daughter. ;-)

  4. Hi Ashley - just found your blog today as I was looking for an image of Pres. Uchtdorf's book "the remarkable soul of a woman" (I always feel like I have to explain to people how I got to their blog) but I AM A TOTAL FITNESS JUNKIE TOO! I have 8 kids, my baby is 6 months old and I'm nearing my pre-baby weight again and loving my workouts, and am always trying to recruit my husband or neighbors to join me, I think your Motivate me Monday sounds so fun, glad to be a new follower :) During my last pregnancy I worked my way up to doing a "400 walking lunges" challenge every Saturday for myself, I even did it the week before delivery and each week after. although now I'm able to do jump lunges again so I'm able to up the intensity. :)


thanks for putting a smile on my face today with your comment:)