Friday, February 3, 2012

Fuller Sexier Hair

I shared this on one of my favorite blogs Insanity Rules and realized I never shared it here. I don't share a ton of hair tips or tutorials even though that is my job. but here is one for ya...

I will be giving you a few tips for fuller, sexier hair.

1. Pre-Dry before using styling aids. 
Wrap your hair in a towel before applying product to it. 
Hair that is soaking wet will dilute your products. 

2. For maximum oomph, apply the maximum amount of volumizer 
to your roots and less to your ends. 
You don't want to be weighing down your ends. 

3. Apply conditioner WISELY. 
If your hair starts to droop over usage of conditioner may be your problem.
Apply only a nickle size amount and start it at the ends (where your hair needs it the most).

4. Blow dry better
Blow dry your hair in sections.
Use a large round bush for maximum volume.
Alternate with hot and cold settings..
Start with hot and get most moisture out. Move to cool and finish the blow out.

5. Cocktail your products 
It may take more than one product to get the look you are desiring. 
Rather than overusing one product try two or three. 

-My favorite products for volume is obviously BIG SEXY HAIR.

6. Add layers
One length hair can fall heavy and flat.
Layers will add movement and body.

7. Leave it alone
Once you are finished and are out for your day
try and keep your hands off. You will only pull volume out by messing with it!
If you need extra oomph through out the day flip your head upside down...shake and flip back up.


  1. I loved this hair tip! I totally needed it!

  2. Those ate some good tips girl! I have seriously flat hair!

  3. Great tips! I have super thick hair, but it's thin at the roots (which I find is kinda weird?) so I only have problems with it being flat at the top. I'll have to try adding volumizer to my roots!

  4. I am loving these tips! It is so hard to keep my hands off my hair throughout the day!

  5. I never knew to alternate hot and cold when blowdrying my hair...thanks for the tip! I would love if you would stop by my blog and say hello!
    Modern Modest Beauty


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