Monday, March 14, 2011

kung fu panda vinyl

I'm totally in love with kung fu panda. There is a quote on there that
I have wanted to do something with since I have seen it...

So my mother being the sweet lady she is made me some vinyl with
the quote on it!!! I am so in love with it. It looks great in my living room.

thanks mommy, you are so good to me
I love you very much.


  1. That is such a cute movie and such a great quote. I love it in vinyl. You are always making (and getting) such cute things.

  2. thanks kendra! I love that movie:) and I cant wait for number two

  3. I am really glad yoy like the vinyl. I was really glad when you asked me to come craft with you. I love crafting and spending time with me girls!!
    Love all your projects!!!


thanks for putting a smile on my face today with your comment:)